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Brightlakes is a young, small vibrant organisation based in the North of England. Established in late 2009 Brightlakes provides educational consultancy to schools, local authorities, educational organisations, churches, youth organisations, education providers and government agencies. Information and Communications Technology is the focus of our work and this includes:

  • Management and development of ICT
  • Delivery of ICT Curriculum
  • Online Safeguarding
  • Virtual Learning Environments
  • Professional Development of Staff
  • Support to schools using the Self Review Framework and progressing towards ICTMark Assessment
  • ICTMark Assessment
  • Use of the 360 Degree Safe System for Schools
  • Use of the Online Compass System for organisations dealing with young people but not in a school setting

Brightlakes also has a keen interest in keeping young people safe whilst using the technology that is so important to them, so a primary focus for our work is online safety.


Phil Blackburn

Phil Blackburn has 30 years experience of advising on ICT and computing in schools, local authorities and educational organisations.


Contact Us

Brightlakes is based in the North of England and can be contacted by:

General enquiries:

Phil Blackburn


Phone: 07977 210607

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Welcome to the Brightlakes web site. The site is intended to support schools primarily using ICT in its many forms to help young people learn and develop so that they play their full part as mid 21st Century Citizens.


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